Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GXP Now Open Source

posted Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Congrats Laurence. Still writing compilers after all of these years. I was there at the beginning!  
  Blogger Paul Prescod on July 29, 2008
Thanks, guys!

Paul: yeah, I remember compilers class. You might be interested in knowing that the GXP compiler was originally written in Python. I'd actually asked a question on comp.lang.python while I was writing it several years ago, which you helped answer.  
  Blogger Laurence on July 30, 2008
Awesome - pity you can;t make it more obvious on the project homepage...  
  Anonymous Anonymous on August 03, 2008
Colin: I'm not sure what you mean. Make what more obvious?  
  Blogger Laurence on August 03, 2008
I asked that on Google's open-source blog without success :
How does GXP articulate with GWT??? Reader is also using GWT right? Does GXP give GWT bits which itself generates the HTML?


  Blogger Maz on August 22, 2008
Thanks for your great work.
Could you post more tutorial quickly?  
  Blogger 牧羊的猫 on September 02, 2008