Friday, February 24, 2006

Apple Predictions

For years I've been correctly predicting what Apple would do. That's a bit weird, since I don't really follow the Mac press (or rumor sites), and I didn't even have a Mac when I made most of these predictions.

Here are the predictions I'd made about Apple in the past:

  • the iMac will be available in multiple colors
  • the iMac will switch to flat panel display
  • the iPod will be available in multiple colors (really only completely came true for the mini)
  • the iMac will change to a configuration where the whole computer is in the flat panel
Unfortunately, I didn't really tell anyone any of these predictions before they came true, so you pretty much have to take my word for it.

This time, I'm going to post my current prediction here so that I have proof. My current prediction is that Apple is going to release a "smartphone" some time in the next couple of years. This will be sort of along the lines of the Treo, but will run an Apple OS (probably not Mac OS, just like the iPod doesn't run Mac OS) and will, like the ROKR, have iTunes integration. Unlike the ROKR, it'll be a "smartphone", meaning that you'll be able to run PDA-like applications on it. I'm also guessing that the storage capacity will be more in line with iPods (unlike the ROKR's bizarre 100 song limitation).

Why am I predicting this? Partly, because it's something I want. I currently have a Treo 600, which I like. When it comes time to replace it I'm not planning on going with a Windows smartphone. Seeing as how that's the direction that Treo is going, however, I'm left with few options.

Another reason I'm predicting this is that there are two signs that Apple is interested in this space. First, there's the obvious example of the ROKR. It isn't a smartphone, and is clearly just a Motorola phone with some iTunes intergration. It does indicate that Apple is interested in the mobile phone space, however. The other sign is that the iPod feature set has been expanding to encompass more of the features that you could conceivably want in a portable device. Now that audio and video are covered, a smartphone seems like the next obvious step.

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