Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The iPod spin, er, I mean shuffle

Apple's marketing department is pretty brilliant. They took the biggest weakness of the latest device in the iPod line, the iPod shuffle, and built the whole brand around that. So instead of people saying "this sucks, I can't even tell what song is next because there isn't a screen" Apple spins it using phrases like "random is the new order" and "you never know what’s around the next tune". Rather than being annoyed by the lack of a display we're supposed to be excited by the unpredictability.

Don't get me wrong: the iPod shuffle looks like a pretty nifty little device. At $149 for the 1GB model, it isn't much more expensive that a high quality 1GB USB pen drive, but it's got a built in music player. The marketing is a little over the top though.

Oh, and do not eat iPod shuffle.

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